David Airey to Publish Logo Design Love Book


Yesterday we told you about another friend-of-UnBeige’s new book, and that felt good, so we thought we’d keep the lovefest going by telling you that our pal David Airey will soon be publishing a book version of his popular blog Logo Design Love. We’ve long been fans of Airey from the very launch of the site, and even got the chance to help him out for the first annual Logo Design Love Awards. So we’re plenty pleased that, come the 28th of this month, you’ll have the chance to see him in print. Here’s a description of the book:

David not only shares his experiences working with clients, including sketches and final results of his successful designs, but uses the work of many well-known designers to explain why well-crafted brand identity systems are important, how to create iconic logos, and how to best work with clients to achieve success as a designer. Contributors include Gerard Huerta, designer of many high-profile logos including Time magazine and Waldenbooks; Lindon Leader, who created the current FedEx brand identity system as well as the CIGNA logo; Jason Little, who took charge of the recent City of Melbourne visual identity by Landor; Richard Moon of Moon Brand, responsible for the NHS brand identity; and many more.