David Airey Returns Full Force, Launches New Logo Blog


Proof that the bad experience of getting his site heisted hasn’t put him off the wide world of internets completely, David Airey has come back with a vengeance, launching a new blog called Logo Design Love. It’s not about new logo and branding work entirely, as Under Consideration‘s Brand New has that market pretty well cornered, but it will instead highlight identity work that Airey, um, loves, as well as books about logos, other sites talking about logos and something we’re sure exists but we can’t exactly figure out why, songs about logos. So far, in its short life, the new site has received lots of nice commenting love, so why not hop on over to share some yourself, thus securing your bragging rights of “Well I was there when it first started.” A little bit more info about the launch and David’s plans for the blog can be found over here on his site.