David Airey Harnasses the Power of the Internet, Regains Hacked Site


If there’s one thing you can say about the internet, it’s that when one of its own gets screwed over, people will come out in droves to help fight back. Following up on a story we reported on the other day about David Airey losing his blog to hackers, just a couple of days later, he’s now back in business, after having had nearly every site on the planet come to his rescue, as well as the big news outlets, like the mighty New York Times. It’s here where he has the whole rundown, with plenty of thanks being passed out to everything who came to his aid in a time of technological need. Here’s a bit about the perpetrator:

Many of you have been digging around the net, searching for clues and pointers as to who / where this thief is. You’ve been using the cracker’s email address I supplied, posing as potential buyers of my domain name to extract more and more personal information.

It would appear that the thief has been selling stolen domain names for some time, and advertising his loot on various web forums. The current consensus sets the physical location as Iran, which ties in with the Persian language used for certain email addresses. There has been so much information flooding in that it’s fair to say I’m not the only one who has been attacked by this miscreant.