David Airey Gets Hacked, Loses Popular Design Site


You might recall that we’ve spoken fondly of blogger and designer David Airey in the past, as we’ve always enjoyed swinging by his popular site to see what he’s up to or what’s struck his fancy to become the topic of the day. Well some sad news came down the pipe and is being filtered all over the place, largely as a critique of Google’s G-mail‘s security. It turns out that Airey’s mail and site were hacked into, causing him to lose his domain name and the years of work he’s put into building the design site (here’s where he’s at now). There’s lots of technical info out there about how it all went down, if you’re interested, but we ask that you also put David’s troubles in your mind as you offer well wishes for the holidays and/or make sure you’re safe and sound on your end too, so this doesn’t happen. Personally, we’re thinking of shutting down all of UnBeige and moving to the far safer medium of zines we’ll put together at Kinkos.