‘David After Dentist’ Wins a Pulitzer | Editors Don’t Want Government $$$$ | Food Critic Eats ‘Sandwich’ | Village Voice Owner Is No Jonathan Swift

MediaJobsDaily: Viral video “David After Dentist,” in which Washington Post writer Gene Weingarten taunts his ketamine-addled son for losing his teeth and then abandons him in the back seat of his car, won a $100,000 Pulitzer Prize today.

Editor & Publisher: Our nation’s top journalistic editors would rather not have their publications financed by the very government they are supposed to hold accountable. Thanks for asking, though.

Eater: Sam Sifton, food critic for The New York Times, has eaten KFC’s deadliest-ever “sandwich,” which debuted today.

FishbowlLA: Mike Lacey, batty owner of Village Voice Media, has written an inept stereotype-switcheroo satire. Kind of like a much more modest “Modest Proposal.”