Dave Karger’s Incredible Oscar Nominations Thursday

In this week’s edition of the Mediabistro Q&A series “So What Do You Do…,” Dave Karger hints at just how crazy the annual Oscar nominations day is for him as a working journalist. To get a full sense of what he goes through each year, we wanted to share from our conversation the Fandango chief correspondent’s full description of last week’s frenetic LA-to-New-York-to-LA mad dash:

“What made it difficult was that on Wednesday night, I had committed to hosting the official People’s Choice Awards red carpet show with SuChin Pak and Tim Gunn. So I was in LA on Wednesday night and had to take the red eye and land in New York at 5:30 a.m. ET on Thursday. I have an apartment in New York, so that gave me just enough time to run home, jump in the shower and get to The Today Show for the Oscars nominations announcement at 8:30 a.m. ET.”

“We did two spots; they wanted one live on the east coast and another for the west coast. Then I had to run a couple of blocks away to one of the NBC offices to tape my Fandango show, The Frontrunners. I did an episode spot-reacting to the nominees, and I needed to do that very quickly so they could turn around, edit and post it on the site. Then I went back to 30 Rock and starting at 10:30, I did a whole bunch of interviews with Today Show anchor Natalie Morales. She and I did an NBC affiliate satellite tour; I think I talked to 17 stations around the country, previewing also the Golden Globes.”

“At the same time, I was also running two doors down to do two spots on Access Hollywood Live. The first of those two spots, I sat in the Access Hollywood chair ten seconds before I had to be on their live air. It was a little tight, but I love that show. I love Billy Bush and the rest of the crew. When I was done with that, I wolfed down a sandwich and went to a different floor on 30 Rock to tape an interview for Access Hollywood, their evening show. Then I came back to where I was and taped a quick interview to run on the weekend Today Show. Then I did a phoner with Billy Bush for his syndicated radio show.”

“And at that point, I thought I was done, so I took the make-up off. Then I got a last-minute email from The Today Show, who had decided they were going to run a piece on Quvenzhané Wallis, the nine-year-old Best Actress nominee from Beasts of the Southern Wild. So they asked if I could do a quick sound byte for that. Then I had time to go home, have a nice quiet dinner, and then I ended the night on Andy Cohen‘s BRAVO show Watch What Happens Live. He has a bartender on his show every night, and I got to be the bartender that night and dish about the Oscars, which was hilarious.

Wow; and we thought we were busy last Thursday. We chatted with Karger on Friday, moments after he had landed back at LAX after the January 10 whirlwind. Read the full Mediabistro conversation here.