LAT Journo Tries to Make Sense of Dave Chappelle Show and Tell

On the front page of today’s Calendar section, Wesley Lowery pieces together some recent clues. Most notably comedian Dave Chappelle‘s recent three-day stint at the Comedy Cellar in New York and on-stage exchange with Chris Rock.

But it’s not easy to pin down Chappelle. Lowery got no response from Rock’s publicist, nor the two PR reps “known to work” with Chappelle. Other efforts were similarly unsuccessful:

Chappelle has spent much of the last seven years with his family in rural Yellow Springs, Ohio, tucked in the sparsely populated plains that lie between Dayton and Columbus. The sleepy, largely white town allows Chappelle to lead a peaceful life where he can shop for groceries, eat at restaurants and drop by the corner store for American Spirit cigarettes with relatively little attention.

A longtime family friend of Chappelle’s who attempted to reach out to the comedian for the LA Times on a recent trip to Yellow Springs came back empty-handed. “You know how he is,” the friend said apologetically. “Dave’s just a reclusive dude.”

There’s no doubt that if Chappelle makes good on that hinted promise of a fall 2013 comedy tour with Rock, it will be stand-up’s hottest ticket since Louis C.K. As Comedy Cellar owner Noam Dworman tells Lowery, Chappelle is one of the few comics who doesn’t even really need punchlines to succeed on stage. Read the full piece here.

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