Ex-Politico Reporter Starts ‘2016’ Blog

The presidential election ended just four months ago but Dave Catanese, former Politico blogger and Senate reporter, launched a blog Sunday that focuses exclusively on the next one.

Catanese left Politico at the start of the year without any real explanation other than that he was going to “explore opportunities,” as he told FishbowlDC. He continued tweeting about politics and sometimes rap music, but never indicated anything about a new job.

On the blog, called TheRun2016, Catanese has written four posts…

  • One explains “The Chase,” a ranking system developed by Catanese for the top potential 2016 presidential candidates, both Republicans and Democrats;
  • One is an analysis piece on why Hillary Clinton may not be a good candidate;
  • One is a similar piece, but about Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.);
  • The latest looks at the declining favorability of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo in his state.

There are no ads on TheRun2016, so it’s unlikely that Catanese is making money from it, but we’ve reached out to him to see if that’s the long-term goal.