Would You Use The Batman Shooting To Pitch Your Business? This Dating Site Is. #WhatsYourPrice

This isn’t trending on Twitter, but it should be.

WhatsYourPrice.com is a dating site where you bid on people you want to date – and their latest pitch to attract participants cites a survey claiming that men who make more than 80k are more likely to take a bullet for their date . . . like the three men who lost their lives saving their girlfriends during the recent Auroro, Colorado shooting.

Yes, you read that right. And you can read their pitch here.

This pitch was sent to a journalist and we’ve blacked out the names of both sender and recipient so they aren’t front and center in the hellstorm that will likely erupt:


Who IS this Brandon Wade person? According to his website, he’s “the founder and CEO of dating websites SeekingArrangement.com, SeekingMillionaire.com, WhatsYourPrice.com and MissTravel.com.” Sites that all appear based on folks buying dates and other, ahem, arrangements with beautiful people.

Any chance that this is a horrible, horrible hoax? Nope:

Okay then, Wade didn’t know about this pitch and some overeager intern made a VERY bad call . . . right? Wrong again. Wade is defending the pitch on Twitter:

So it looks like we’ve discovered Brandon Wade’s price – but #whatsyourprice? Would you exploit . . . well, anything really, to make a buck? Let us know what you think of this in the comments.

(Almighty dollar image from Shutterstock)