Dating, Horoscopes, Quizzes, Photos, Music and More on This Week’s Top 20 Facebook Apps by MAU

Non-game applications were very popular on our list of top apps by monthly active users this week. Dating, horoscopes, music, video and photos, Connect and quiz apps made up the list, which contained apps growing between 6.2 million and 302,800 MAU this week. Our list is compiled using AppData, our data tracking service covering traffic growth for apps on Facebook, and covers those that gained the most users in the past seven days.

Top Gainers This Week

Name MAU Gain Gain,%
1. Badoo 61,792,543 +6,294,443 +11%
2. Daily Horoscope 9,146,881 +1,820,728 +25%
3. Mafia Wars Game 17,022,203 +1,511,976 +10%
4. BandPage by RootMusic 21,688,890 +1,483,804 +7%
5. Monopoly Millionaires 5,138,437 +1,097,890 +27%
6. VidyoTV Video 1,991,850 +833,699 +72%
7. 908,720 +753,013 +484%
8. Daily Horoscope 3,752,495 +668,171 +22%
9. Cupid 3,866,902 +618,875 +19%
10. Diamond Dash 782,850 +617,281 +373%
11. Monster Galaxy 7,960,983 +601,564 +8%
12. Videoloji 2,008,164 +594,956 +42%
13. Zoo World 6,336,834 +437,406 +7%
14. Zombie Lane 470,352 +410,934 +692%
15. Quiz Taco! 11,627,557 +395,896 +4%
16. Band Profile: Profile Pages for Musicians 7,082,482 +341,395 +5%
17. 大腦分析 647,075 +337,478 +109%
18. Gourmet Ranch 2,573,840 +320,434 +14%
19. My Photos 2,364,570 +305,082 +15%
20. Spot The Difference 1,214,943 +302,752 +33%

Badoo continued to grow tremendously by adding 6.2 million MAU this week alone; the app has seen great success with its Q&A format about a users’ friends. Every time a user answers a question about a friend, the app generates a feed story. Another dating app mimicking Badoo’s format is Cupid, which grew by 618,900 MAU by asking question about your friends and publishing the answer to the stream.

There were horoscope apps, too, both named Daily Horoscope. Second place Daily Horoscope grew by more than 1.8 million users by publishing horoscopes to a user’s feed and by asking users to invite friends to use the app. Eighth place Daily Horoscope saw 668,200 MAU by publishing a daily Wall post horoscope.

Two music apps on our list seem to be filling what’s been a void on Facebook — music — now that MySpace’s future is uncertain. BandPage by RootMusic grew by 1.4 million MAU this week; the app is essentially Facebook Connect and asks users to use their Facebook email addresses. Then there was Band Profile: Profile Pages for Musicians, which grew by 341,400 MAU; the app allows users to make the app a default landing tab. The app allows users to include a bio, band photo, post unlimited songs for streaming/downloading/sale, post shows, sell tickets and track how the music is spreading.

Video and photo apps were on the list, too. VidyoTV Video saw 833,700 MAU this week; the apps posts videos to the stream when used, as well as allowing users to Share videos. Videoloji grew by 595,000 MAU; the apps creates feed stories by posting daily videos, as well as allowing Share and Like opportunities. My Photos publishes a different photo of you from your Facebook photos daily and grew by 305,000 MAU. Spot the Difference is a timed puzzle asking users to identify a number of differences in two identical photos and grew by 302,800 MAU.

Finally, there were some interesting quiz apps on the list. Quiz Taco grew by 395,900 MAU and follows the Badoo-esque Q&A format of asking users 25 questions of their friends, generating a feed story with each answer. Then there was the Chinese 大腦分析 (Analysis of Brain) which creates a photo album published to the stream and also gives users chances to publish feed stories. The Connect app grew by 753,000 MAU this week, too.