Dating App ‘Survey’ Says PR Employs the ‘Sexiest’ Ladies


Hot or not, bro? Make up your mind!


That was our first response to this story in the always-classy New York Post, in which the makers of a dating app rely on “science” to determine which companies employ the hottest guys and girls in the Big Apple. The results? PR is like a (SFW) Robin Thicke video come to life.

This stunt is nothing new for Hinge, which Pando Daily describes as “like Hot or Not with Facebook friends” plus an extra “creep factor”. The app works as a slideshow with which you can review your friends’ or friends of friends’ dating profiles and rank them on some weird scale, so it’s very similar to The Social Network back when it was less so. The company did this “survey” for D.C. as well, and each time it uses its own scientific formula to bring us some earth-shattering conclusions:

“Hinge reviewed 18,000 profiles to determine which users most often get “favorited” — or named hot by other users”

The results? Facebook and finance hire the best bachelors while MediaVest and Weber Shandwick beat out Victoria’s Secret and other big fashion names in the female category. No stereotypes to see here…

We’ve done the Internet dating thing and we know it doesn’t have to be so creepy, so we really hope that no one paid for this clickbait placement—or that any of the agencies named do business with VS, Chanel, Tory Burch, or Bloomingdale’s.

Did we just give Hinge some completely undeserved publicity? Probably. But we will say again: ewww, dude. Ewww.