Dateline NBC: The Tom Cruise strawman promo

We don’t know much about libel law, but we’d say that Dateline NBC is getting pretty damn close to the edge of the yellow safety paint the separates “edgy” from “sued for a lot of money.”

Viz, the email we got today from a mysterious Dateline publicist:

“Dear blogger,

We just wanted to let you know about an upcoming Dateline

Tom Cruise’s public persona has become fodder for blogs, tabloids, television shows, and radio programs. But, for all of the jumping on couches, and intense interviews most people still don’t know much about Tom Cruise.

On Sunday, May 7, 7 p.m., Dateline’s Hoda Kotb reports in an uncensored multi-part report that explores the questions we’ve what’s behind the relationship we’ve come to know as “TomKat?” (sic) And how has he transformed himself from an understated ladies man into a global superstar some say is on the brink of a breakdown?

Thanks, and all best,


Some say?

You say, Dateline.

And the way you’re stammering, some might say you’re on the brink of breakdown.

Besides, with Tom on the cover of EW this week as having made $100 million from “War of the Worlds” maybe you oughta vet your PR machine a little more closely, no? We suspect while Tom says he ignores personal press reports, he probably has more than a few lawyers who don’t.

P.S. Oh, Dateline, you had me at “Dear blogger,”.

All best,