Date Night Roundup

A number of pubs and media outlets wrote and created off-beat videos on last night’s love fest or “prom” on Capitol Hill in which lawmakers of opposing parties pretended to cozy up to one another for an hour. We watch and read so you can only if you feel like it.

Roll Call: Some D.C. journos hailed this as best video of the night by Andrew Satter. Watch here.

Best Part: The “Perfect Strangers” music and closeups of lawmakers twiddling their thumbs repeatedly. Just the truest depiction of how awkward this whole thing really was.

MSNBC: On today’s Jansing & Co, Richard Lui breaks down the “Date of the Union” into categories. Watch here.

Funniest details: Lui goes into great, in-depth detail about male lawmakers hugging one another. Great picture of the miserable match of New York Reps. Anthony Weiner and Peter King.

WaPo: “Reliable Sources” offers a guide to the hookups. Read here.

Best quote: “This is really stretching the outer limits of civility for Weiner and I to be sitting together,” Rep. Pete King (R-N.Y.) told Politico, saying it was his wife’s idea.

CBS News‘s Katie Couric. Watch here.

Worst line: “It all started when Billy passed Susie a note in home room.”

The Daily Caller: Two journos guide us through an evening of horrible, amusing dates. Read here. The more you read the lines below the more painfully awkward they get. Please, Wyden, stop.

Most awkward date moment: Walking toward the House floor, Republican Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley looked like he’d grudgingly picked up his date, Democratic Sen. Ron Wyden of Oregon, at the last minute. Wyden, however, was beaming. A reporter called out to the awkward couple, “Are you sitting together?” “WE ARE!,” replied Wyden. “Is this your date?” the reporter asked. Wyden turned around and through a mile-wide smile exclaimed again:  “WE ARE!”

Politico: Story puts “snark of spark” on display. Read here.

He said what? Must have been a late night. MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough has a quote about “Ghostbusters!” and “dogs and cats” that is a head scratcher.  “This is out of Ghostbusters!” Joe Scarborough, “Morning Joe” host (and POLITICO contributor), noted on Wednesday morning. “Dogs and cats living together!”