Date Lab Update

The most recent edition of the Post’s Date Lab actually ended with a little success. While the couple hasn’t gotten together again — at least to our knowledge — word is that they plan to, and we have no reason to doubt them. So, we’re counting this one as a success. This brings the ratio to 41 successful dates out of 111, or just under 37 percent.

Also an internal memo, obtained by FishbowlDC, from the Post:

    One-day-a-week dating czar/czarina The Magazine is looking for an enthusiastic part-timer to take over the match-making duties for our popular dating column, “Date Lab.” In your one day a week, you’d be responsible for trolling our database of over 2000 singles and finding, contacting and scheduling dinners for matches that will produce great stories. There will be an opportunity to write – you will be responsible for writing one Date Lab column a month — but your main responsibility will be keeping Date Lab on schedule. This includes during scary low-date zones like holiday season and August. To do this you will need to make sure the database remains stocked with enough diverse Washingtonians to accurately mirror the city’s dating habits. (This will involve brainstorming, some phone outreach and, yes, the odd spot of begging.) The ideal candidate would be a creative self-starter who takes dating seriously–someone interested in how class, race and gender affect a casual dinner between strangers, but who can still thrill to the goofy fun of both great and horrific dates. You may sometimes find yourself working from home or working an event, as well.