DataXu Expands DSP Offering to Video, Mobile

DataXu, one of a handful of technology companies which enable advertisers to purchase highly targeted display ad inventory on a real time basis, wants to do the same for video and mobile.

The Boston, Mass.-based company, launched last year, is commonly referred to as a demand- side-buying platform (DSP). DataXu, along with Turn, MediaMath, help power many digital ad agencies’ audience-buying specialty divisions, such as Havas’ Adnetik. The prevailing idea behind DSPs is that buyers can use these tech platforms to purchase specific users on the Web, such as people who have recently viewed a particular ad or researched a trip, and deliver ads only to those users via cookies.

DataXu claims to be able to go beyond targeting on the cookie level, using factors such as time of day and content to better target Web users.

The company on Tuesday (Sept. 21) has released DX2, the newest version of its technology which officials boast will bring DSP capabilities to video and mobile ad inventory for the first time. The thinking is that advertisers will be able to manage the entirety of their digital ad efforts via DX2.

“This offers full site transparency and better control for brands,” said Mike Baker, president and CEO, DataXu.

Besides handling video, mobile and rich media ad placements, DX2 allows buyers to optimize in real time using up to the minute data culled from customer surveys conducted for specific campaigns, said Baker.

Per Baker, all of the major agency holding companies are signed to use DX2. Among the agencies initially employing the product are Hill Holiday and Team Detroit.