DataJack $40/Month Unlimited 3G Sounds Great But Has a Tiny Footprint

3G coverage map courtesy of DataJack

Subscribing to the big four’s 3G data service for your notebook or netbook in the US has two big drawbacks:

1. It is a relatively expensive service at $60 per month
2. You are limited to 5GB of data per month. A couple of movie downloads and a big system update can push you beyond that limit very quickly

So, ChipChick’s item about the DataJack 3G service caught my eye…

DataJack to Launch Unlimited Prepaid Mobile Broadband for $39

$39 per month without a 5GB data cap sounds good to me. But, if you take a look at DataJack’s 3G coverage map (see above) and read discussion threads like this one over at HowardForums…

HowardForums Datajack discussion thread

…it looks like DataJack’s 3G network is based on the tiniest national network in the U.S.: T-Mobile USA.

T-Mobile’s 3G coverage in my area appears to be a tiny corridor about 20 miles long. Guess who lives about 2 miles outside of the edge of that network? So, DataJack wouldn’t serve my needs. But, if you have solid T-Mobile 3G coverage in your area, they might provide a relatively inexpensive 3G solution for your netbook or notebook.