Data shows iOS users adopting iOS 7 much faster than iOS 6

Image via Apple

Just days after the release of Apple’s updated iOS operating system iOS 7, it’s become clear that users are racing to adopt the new OS faster they have for previous versions. Both Fiksu and Tapjoy have found similar results, showing that adoption rates for iOS 7 have been far higher than the adoption rate for iOS 6 during its own launch.

User acquisition company Fiksu has tracked early adoption numbers across millions of iPhones using Fiksu client apps, and has found that just 24 hours after the release of iOS 7, over 28 percent of users had already adopted iOS 7. That’s in comparison to only 18 percent of users who adopted iOS 6 during its first day of availability.

Image via Fiksu

Mobile advertising and publishing platform Tapjoy found similar results among its network-wide data of over 200 million iOS consumers across iPhone, iPad and iPod. According to its findings, iOS 7 has a 22 percent adoption rate, while iOS 6 was at 15 percent adoption 24-hours after its launch.

Image via Tapjoy

Tapjoy further breaks down the adoption based on device and region. Over 25 percent of iPhone users have adopted iOS 7, compared to 15 percent of iPad users and 12 percent of iPod users. North America has the fastest adoption rate at 28 percent of users, followed closely by Latin America and the EMEA at 26 percent and 22 percent each, respectively.

Fiksu is continuing to track adoption rates, which are slowly climbing. For instance, 43 hours after the launch of iOS 7, Fiksu has tracked adoption in almost 36 percent of iPhones, compared to 22 percent for iOS 6 during its same time frame.

Whether you go by Fiksu’s data or Tapjoy’s, the result is the same: users are incredibly interested in trying out the vastly different iOS 7, which comes with a complete visual redesign, automatically updating apps, a Pandora-style iTunes Radio service and much more. Check out a deeper look at iOS 7 right here on IMA.