Dashboards and Feeds Land on This Week’s List of Top Emerging Facebook Apps

Growth is up significantly this week for the top emerging apps on Facebook, meaning those still under a million monthly average users. On average we’re seeing a third more new users in each position than last week, although relatively few apps have been on the list before.

We source this list from AppData, which can give you more in-depth stats, and we’d also recommend you also take a look at our roundup over on Inside Social Games, where we discuss the comeback of Slide with its emerging games SPP Ranch!, Top Fish and SuperPocus. Here’s the list:

Top Gainers This Week
Name MAU Gain↓ Gain, %
1.icon Facts about friends906,932+906,770+99.98
2.icon 6 waves Apps722,993+656,229+90.77
3.icon FacéDouble Celebrity Look-alike Doppelganger879,297+584,525+66.48
4.icon Demande à tes Amis397,171+364,373+91.74
5.icon SPP Ranch!512,307+326,061+63.65
6.icon World of Warcraft Feeds427,084+315,812+73.95
7.icon Polls988,474+300,949+30.45
8.icon FacéDouble Twins Doppelganger432,921+283,641+65.52
9.icon Go to Hell524,283+250,352+47.75
10.icon World at War688,268+243,158+35.33
11.icon Kingdoms of Camelot843,103+172,623+20.47
12.icon Funflow270,873+169,284+62.50
13.icon Lovers299,220+166,122+55.52
14.icon Live Positively305,056+147,550+48.37
15.icon MiniPlanet699,992+141,344+20.19
16.icon Address Book236,601+120,731+51.03
17.icon Top Fish488,668+116,918+23.93
18.icon MyHeritage Celebrity Look-alikes171,960+116,492+67.74
19.icon Dress Me Up472,486+108,620+22.99
20.icon Di la Verdad!110,675+102,137+92.29

Facts about friends is on the list because of a tracking error, which we seem to be getting from Facebook fairly regularly this month. It’s the only app incorrectly showing 100 percent growth, but a few others have hiccups in which their Facebook stopped updating stats for several days.

Next up is 6 waves Apps, which is a dashboard for the (occasionally Chinese-language) developer 6 waves. The app itself isn’t much to look at, but it’s a good indicator of how quickly the company is growing; it has now produced 130 apps, of which a couple dozen are fairly successful. The top app, Give Hearts, has eight million users; the dashboard’s components are shown below.

Glancing down, you’ll find World of Warcraft Feeds, by famed game developer Blizzard itself. As the name suggests, this app yet another way for World of Warcraft players to spend more time thinking about World of Warcraft and, as the app description puts it, share their “proudest in-game moments” — check out our full review for more.

Finally, there’s a trio of note. FacéDouble Celebrity Look-alike Doppelganger, as we noticed last week, is itself a doppelganger of FacéDouble Twins Doppelganger. These apps appear to be achieving mitosis, because they’re joined this week by MyHeritage Celebrity Look-alikes. All three (or more) will likely die of starvation in the end, as users appear to be bouncing out as quickly as they arrive.