Dash Still Doesn’t Dig April Fool’s


April the first has come and gone and once again, we’ve seen dozens upon dozens of April Fool’s jokes everywhere from online to campaign speeches. But while we anxiously await, hoping to see if Andy Baio posts a recap on Waxy, like in years past, of what happened on the web yesterday, we run into Anil Dash, who isn’t so hot on the web’s celebration of the stupid little holiday with his post “Your April Fool’s Day Joke Continues to Suck.” His basic idea is: they’re never very funny, these online pranks, so why even bother? And we understand that he gets a lot of flack every year for saying this, so we won’t waste a ton of time responding to it, other than asking a few of our own questions: Who cares if they aren’t funny to you? Why bother calling it out? Why not just let people have some fun for a day? Unless, like several of the comments on Dash’s blog suggest, that this is either just an annual publicity stunt or, even more insidious, a super-double-reverse, ultra-meta, sneaky April Fool’s joke bonanza explosion, where the joke is that you don’t get that it’s an April Fool’s joke. If that’s the case, it makes our heads hurt.