Daryl Hall Racks Up 65th House Episode

DarylHallEpisode65As the Daryl Hall & John Oates tour rolls on this weekend into Austin and San Antonio, the taller half of the duo has reached an impressive digital milestone. His entertaining series Live from Daryl’s House has logged its 65th episode.

Debuting February 20 on Viacom HD channel Palladia and February 28 on the VH1 App, the latest installment features the LA-based husband-and-wife team known as JOHNNYSWIM. It’s the third new episode of 2014. From the LFDH.com write-up:

Married couple Abner and Amanda-Sudano Ramirez joined Daryl and the band for a six-song set that includes a pair of Daryl Hall and John Oates classics (“Adult Education”, “Do What You Want, Be What You Are”)…

In the regular cooking segment, chef Eric Blomberg of New York’s Blue Ribbon Restaurants provides a meat-eaters’ special, demonstrating for Daryl and JOHNNYSWIM how to prepare the bone marrow of a cow with oxtail marmalade.

Hall & JOHNNYSWIM & oxtail marmalade? If that doesn’t perfectly sum up how eclectic this series can be, we’re not sure what does. Episode #65 will be available on the website starting March 15 and was filmed at the remnants of Pawling, NY’s Town Crier Cafe, a location recently rescued and renovated for the Hall program.

P.S. Thanks to this Thursday TMZ item, “Rich Girl” in concert and everywhere else is never going to quite sound the same.