Darrelle Revis and 5 Other Celebrities Who Did NOT Get Hacked on Social

The dog did NOT do it.

Yeah…sure it did.

Here’s the thing with famous people having social media accounts. They also attract trolls and find them so tempting. Such is life for one Darrelle Revis, Jets cornerback gone to New England and back to New York.

Revis’ Instagram account drew the ire of some of his former fans who cheer for laundry gone the way of bandwagoning because Revis is back with the Jets. Said fans aren’t fond of Revis jumping back into the New York Harbor, so they took to Instagram.

Revis then responded with some randy language. And, of course, his account was hacked because it’s not at all likely that fans got under his thin skin. Revis, who probably serves as a missionary at a leper colony in his spare time, would NEVER sink so low as to insult people on social media…

Here’s some proof of that liar and his pants totally on fire … eh, of the NSFW hack attack:

revis gram

Since the sports writers of America are utter nitwits and haven’t the slightest inkling about technology, I’ll ask the people of the PRNewserverse: “Why do famous people get away with these complete lines of crap?

THIS is a social media account getting “hacked”:


You see, when an account is hacked by someone, there is a ne’er-do-well on the other side of your account who means to do you harm and have a good time concurrently. That person could care less about engaging people and getting personal.

Think about it — hacks are about mass destruction and the occasional fit of giggles. In other words, we’re on to you famous folks. And while we’re at it…

1. Miley Cyrus Arguing with Billy Ray 

Her excuse: “Twitter was acting all kinds of cray.” Yeah, the random cray virus. That happens. Whatevs.


2. Mary J. Blige and her Irony

Her excuse: The age-old and highly effective deflection, “That wasn’t mine,” which was preceded by a delete that she hoped no one would notice…her spelling.

mary j blige

3. Cee Lo Green Can’t Take Criticism

His excuse: That’s not what he meant when his “fans” insulted his concert because hearing ‘Forget You’ and ‘Crazy’ for the 19th time, I’m sure they had pleasant things to say.

cee lo green

4. Kenneth Cole’s Geographically Challenged Humor

His excuse: My PR rep did it. Did what, you ask? Thousands were dying in Cairo, Egypt. People were crying out for human rights. And Cole thought it would be a great time to push his spring collection.

kenneth cole

5. The Biebs Sharing Affection for Weed with 12-Year-Old Girls

His excuse: His account must have been hacked because of course Justin Bieber would never smoke marijuana, right?!


You see, famous stupid people, your accounts aren’t being hacked. You don’t have rogue PR people. And the Internet doesn’t just burp and go cray-cray when you least expect it. You were human, got stupid, and made a mistake. Regretfully, you got caught and chose to lie about it. That proves your lack of concern for what your fans think and your lack of concern for what you think of yourself.

Need a case study? Meet Ashton Kutcher. Yes…that Ashton Kutcher.

A few years back, Joe Paterno’s fall from grace became international fodder for news. Evidently, Kutcher had a lot going on with his sugar mama Demi Moore so wasn’t able to get in front of any media source for about three months. Upon ‘JoePa’s’ dismissal from Penn State University, Kutcher thought he would chime in becoming the horse’s ass of Twitter:

ashton kutcher

To wit, he didn’t blame a phantom publicist, Internet bug, or fictitious hacker. No, he owned it. Completely!

kutcher 2

Anyone remember what happened to his credibility after that? Nothing.

MORAL OF THE STORY: The cover-up is usually worse than the crime. That, and stop being a dope who thinks no one could possibly be to blame. You’re not that great. At social media, at least.