Dark Theme for WordPress + Customization Kit

After Dark Theme for WordPress release and many requests from users Bartelme Design have decided to made Customization Kit for this theme to give possibility to insert into header custom logos. I was very happy when they released Dark Theme, because I think it is one of the best and most qualitative themes for WordPress and it looks like it is now very popular.

Dark Theme for WordPress


Dark Theme was the old design of Bartelme Design page who, with the help of iLEMONed, melt in free WordPress theme for others to download. Dark Theme supports also flickrRSS and Gravatars and of course the biggest advantage of the theme is premium design, I think you should be pretty happy choosing this WordPress theme.

Dark Theme Customization kit

After releasing Customization Kit, who gives users possibility to add custom logo into header, this theme should be more popular between WordPress users who are searching for well designed themes. Actually these guys are pretty much thinking about how to made this theme more friendly for users, because not all WordPress users are coders or designers who always know how to change things in WordPress theme – thanks for showing good example how to make things friendly for users.

Download Dark Theme for WordPress

Download Dark Theme Customization Kit

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