Daredevil Author Will Attempt Round-the-World Trip via Commercial Airline

Dan Poynter

To promote his new book Dan Poynter’s Air Travel Handbook, author Dan Poynter is making the ultimate sacrifice of personal comfort and nutritional health: He will recreate Jules Verne’s classic novel Around the World in 80 Days. But he’ll be doing it in just two days and he’ll be traveling by commercial airline.

This week, Poynter launched a website, RTW2D, which will chart the progress of his trip. He’ll depart from LAX on May 17 after a 10:30 a.m. press conference, returning to LAX on May 19. With delays, it actually could take 80 days to get back to Los Angeles.

According to the press release, Poynter regularly travels 6,000 miles per week for speaking engagements and other work and has completed a round-the-world itinerary multiple times in the past. Oh… and he’s skydived into the North Pole.

“Twelve time zones will be covered on United Airlines in 19 hours and the next twelve on Singapore Air and EVA Air,” the release reads.

His spokesperson tells us that with so many air miles (the release says he has two million from United Airlines and he just got back from South Africa) he’ll be traveling around the globe in business class. So maybe not the “ultimate sacrifice,” but still. We couldn’t imagine the trip in coach.

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