Darby Smart Launches Darby Video App for How-To Videos

The app allows users to browse how-to videos from users in the "maker" community, as well as to upload their own videos.

Darby Smart launched its Darby application on iOS. The app allows users to browse how-to videos from users in the “maker” community, as well as to upload their own videos. The app includes content from influencers on Pinterest, YouTube and Facebook, as well as content from digital media companies such as Refinery29 and PureWow.

Darby Screenshots

The Darby app features how-to videos related to crafts, cooking and other creative topics. Users can browse featured videos on a “watch” feed, while a “discover” feed includes a list of recommended channels they can follow.

Users can post comments on videos, and they can also add videos to their favorites to watch them again later on. As users follow creators, they can receive notifications when these creators upload new videos.

In a statement, Nicole Shariat Farb, CEO of Darby Smart, commented:

No one is bridging live chat to video in this way. It’s been incredibly exciting to build the intersection of the two and to give people a true mobile video community that connects and engages them in real-time. When we previewed the app to influencers like Sarah Hearts, whose videos have over six million views on Facebook, she was blown away by the possibilities to connect with her audience.

The Darby app is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store.