Danoo to Launch Mobile Component to Network

Danoo, a digital out-of-home company announced plans Monday (June 15) to roll out a mobile component to its network in coffeehouses and cafes. The mobile component, which allows advertisers to add mobile downloads of special promotions or content to their on-screen campaigns, will be rolled out in July to 100 Danoo venues each in New York and Los Angeles.

Mobile elements as an integral part of digital out-of-home campaigns is beginning to catch on. For the most part, the ad combo is still in the experimental stage, but that could change as soon as networks make it easier for advertisers to harness both media.

The decision to add the mobile content download option to Danoo City network was made following Danoo’s two-week trials with three advertisers between March and May in 39 locations in Los Angeles. The advertisers, ABC, The History Channel and Electronic Arts each averaged nearly 10,000 downloads over a two-week period.

“Download rates tend to be below 1 percent online, but we’re seeing 3 percent,” said Doug Scott, vp of marketing for Danoo. For those users that set their mobile phones to “discoverable mode,” making it easy for them to receive messages, download rates soared to 30 percent.

Advertisers pay on a per-inquiry or per-download basis. “It’s inherently measurable at a time when advertisers are being held to greater accountability,” said Scott. By July, Danoo expects to deliver 40,000 downloads over a two-week period.

Chris Moseley, senior vp of marketing, History, said: “We were happy to participate in Danoo’s mobile test for our new series Life After People. We’re always looking for new and creative ways to showcase our product and connect with consumers, and mobile is an increasingly important medium for communications.”

Danoo isn’t the only digital out-of-home network to add mobile advertising to the out-of-home ad equation. Akoo is rolling out a TV network in the food courts of 150 malls that interacts with mobile devices, allowing people to request content on the TV network while they watch or download special offers on mobile devices. Digital out-of-home aggregator Adcentricity recently partnered with Impact Mobile, an aggregator of mobile carriers, to make it easy for advertisers to seamlessly integrate interactive elements into digital out of home campaigns.