Danish Press Loathes Bob Dylan’s Paintings


While it was all excitement and anticipation when we told you that musician Bob Dylan would have his own exhibition at the National Gallery of Denmark, featuring never-before-seen paintings created just for the show, the story has changed considerably now that it’s open to the public. Denmark’s art critics have ripped the show apart, calling both Dylan “a Sunday painter” (meaning amateur/hobbyist) and the museum itself shameless for being so star-struck. Of the two, the museum really gets the most flack. Here’s a bit from the AFP:

The financial newspaper Borsen turned its criticism to the the Statens Museum for Kunst’s management, which it said “put financial interest ahead of artistic judgment”, knowing that the Dylan name “would bring in a big public.”

While the critics are right, that the museum is sure to draw in larger than usual crowds simply due to Dylan’s celebrity, at the end of the day, all of this is always entirely subjective.