Daniel Radosh vs. Peter Landesman

Within the hidden folds of the blogosphere, war is being waged: NYT Mag writer Peter Landesman is going mental posting to Daniel Radosh’s blog. They tussled publicly last year, and the subject matter remains the same: Landesman’s questioned New York Times Magazine story (as long as we’re on the topic) about the sex-slave trade.

Round Two (or three or four or whatever it is by now) began with Radosh posting about Landesman’s recent lecture at Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism, snorting “They let this guy near journalism students?” He references a transcript of the talk, picking it apart and hearkening back to the original omissions of the story (a major source had multiple-personality disorder, which was not disclosed. The Times addressed this in its correction, which otherwise stood by the reporting in the story, save a few small points).

Still with us? You won’t be after reading Landesman’s multiple posts, on Radosh both here and here, fueled anew by Radosh’s rejoinders. It’s not that they don’t make sense, it just that Good Lord they’re LONG. If they were getting paid for it by this time they’d be able to afford getting us out of bed.

A sampling:

For some reason, you — who do not know me, nor has ever met me — seem to feel free to go after not just the content of my work — which is fair game — but the content of my character. Obviously, you’re free to do so. It’s not against the law. It is, however, radically unprofessional and, well, weird.

(To be fair, this is how Radosh introduced the post: “Recently, my old friend Peter Landesman took his handsome mug and dubious credentials to Northwestern University’s Medill journalism school…” Sticks and stones and all that, but he is nettling the beast some.)

I could go on but my eyes hurt. Click through at your own risk.

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