Daniel Hernandez Reports from Chile

Former L.A. Times and LA Weekly staff writer Daniel Hernandez filed his first dispatch from Chile for the L.A. Times today. His piece investigates the disparity in basic services and governmental assistance between the wealthy capital city of Santiago and the poorer outlying cities. Hernandez arrived in Santiago on Monday, after being sent by the Times to report on the aftermath of the massive 8.8 earthquake that struck the South American nation last week.

Hernandez has his work cut out for him down there. Since he’s arrived, Chile has been hit by two major aftershocks of 6.0 or higher — something Hernandez felt uneasy enough to tweet about.

“I’m at a Holiday Inn on the 12th floor in chile. (Gulp)…”

Hernandez also tweets he was taken for a ride by a Chilean cab driver.

“We’re realizing the cabbies here drive you around like they do in Mexico, but at least they dont ‘express kidnap’ you.”

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