Daniel Day-Lewis Stars in Hilarious Clint Eastwood-Empty Chair Sequel

First of all, the sly way a disguised prop was brought up on stage at the Beverly Hilton last night after Steven Spielberg introduced his Lincoln star was genius. Secondly, Daniel Day-Lewis has just set the 2012 film awards acceptance speech bar insanely high with the good-natured take-down of Clint Eastwood’s RNC routine that said prop allowed for.

The official details for last night’s stellar moment read: the British Academy of Film and Television Arts’ Britannia Awards and the Stanley Kubrick Award for Excellence in Film. But all anyone will remember, rightly, is the recipient’s delightful furniture detour.

The fact that the invisible man in the chair just beat the stuffing out of Republican supporters like Eastwood makes last night’s moment that much sweeter for all those who belong to the victorious 50 percent. Bravo, Mr. Lincoln! Bravo!