We’re getting to the new Apple mouse a little late, but we live for our G4 baby and it hurts her when we criticize. But we just couldn’t leave well enough alone, especially once a helpful reader sent in his thoughts….

i was disappointed when apple came out with the mighty mouse. not because it was a bad product (although there are conflicting reports), but because it was poorly branded.

…and an alternative.

the kid’s got a point. the mouse looks fine to us. sleek, rounded, pretty. but there’s no oomph. no kick. no punch. looks kinda like the apple kids were really hungover and just couldn’t be bothered to move the ball down the field (the mouse down the pad?). it’s great that they’ve got a scroll bar (which pc mouses/mice had for years and to which we attribute at least half for our studio-tendonitis) but we’re not quite sure that’s enough of a killer move to live up to Apple’s claim that

this mouse just aced the maze

For one…huh?? Normally we love their copywriters but this seems a little too obtusely contrived, yes, even for us. But at least we managed not to take it here.