DangDang Launches eBookstore in China

The Chinese web retailer DangDang has just opened China’s newest eBookstore.

In additions to gadgets, media, and books, DangDang will now stock around 50 thousand Chinese language eBooks and they are planning to sign more publishers in the coming months. Customers can read the eBooks online or download the ebooks and read them on Android and iPhone apps.

“We are excited to break new ground with the launch of the e-book platform for our customers as we believe that the addition of digital content to our comprehensive online offerings will greatly enhance our customers’ online shopping experience and satisfaction,” said Guoqing Li, CEO of Dangdang.

There’s no mention of eReader plans, but it seems likely that DangDang will need to adopt one. This eBookstore launched in a market dominated by Hanvon and Shanda, and both companies have their own eReaders integrated into their respective eBookstores. Also, market research in the US suggests that eReader owners buy the most eBooks.


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