Dancing With The Stars Takes the Weekly Ratings

There is a definite battle brewing each week between ABC’s Dancing With The Stars and Fox’s American Idol. While the shows don’t compete against each other, they do face-off in the weekly prime time ratings. In New York this season, the slight nod has gone to Dancing.

DWTS generated an estimated 1.3 million WABC viewers for its two-hour broadcast and a 6.9 rating, equaling a first-place result, according to Nielsen.

Idol‘s two-hour night of singing had a number-two showing on WNYW with 1.2 million and a 6.4 rating.

It’s back to Dancing for number three, as the elimination episode tallied 1.1 million viewers and a 6.0. As for the Idol “cut-down” show, it landed in a fourth-place tie (1 million/5.4).

Joining American Idol at number four was the venerable 60 Minutes.

There’s more from the Top 10 after the jump.

  • Sixth                      Modern Family WABC   (995,000/5.1)
  • Seventh                         NCIS WCBS   (884,000/4.5)
  • *Eighth             Two and a Half Men WCBS    (822,000/4.2)
  • *Eighth                 The Good Wife WCBS    (816,000/4.2)
  • Tenth                            Castle WABC   (690,000/3.5)


WNBC made it first appearance in the Top 30 at number 15 with Celebrity Apprentice (579,000/3.0).  The Voice gave Channel 4 two other appearances in the survey–17th place (556,000/2.8) and 24th (504,000/2.6).