What’s Dana Tweeting?

We’ve documented the twitter habits of Dana Perino, part of the quirky quintet that hosts “The Five” on Fox News several times before. Her tweets almost always fall into the category of self-congratulatory pronouncements or pictures of her hound, Jasper. If it’s not something along those lines, I get very concerned that something is wrong. Her Twitter feed is a steady diet of pics of Jasper in compromising positions. Viewers of “The Five” have even gotten into the act and they send Dana photoshops of the pooch like the one above. Honestly, Jasper looks like he’d fit right in with that pack on “The Five.” Hell, he might even have more intelligent things to say than Bob Beckel. She’s so obsessed with the dog, that when Mary Katherine Ham tweeted that she was going to be on Redeye, another show hosted by Perino’s frenemy, Greg Gutfeld, she told her, “bring up Jasper. He’ll love it. Double dog dare ya.”

She’s also known for just tweeting random thoughts.

Recently, she just tweeted: “I like how Karl Rove says “en toto.” Cool story, Dana. Good analysis. Moments later, she just tweeted, “I’ve got a good line coming up.” I kept waiting, but never saw a “good line.” The same day, she randomly tweeted, “America has got some freaking talent. Impressive.” Maybe this was the “good line?” So confused.

At least Dana will mix it up with fellow tweeters.

In an exchange with New York Daily News Opinion Editor Josh Greenman, Dana talked about her “fits of rage” over the Citibike program in NY. Greenman suggests that she explore where those fits might be coming from and Dana just tells him, ” I don’t know where it comes from! My rants are pretty funny though.”

As long as Dana thinks she’s funny, she’ll be OK. If you can make yourself laugh, you’ll never be alone.