Dan Savage’s HUMP! Tour Takes DC

Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 13.24.15Saturday, FishbowlDC had the pleasure (not like that, y’all) of attending HUMP!, the amateur adult film festival (that we previewed Thursday). The fest was created by love and sex advice columnist Dan Savage in 2005 as a sex-positive and creative outlet for amateur pornographers, and is currently touring the country.

Boy were we in for a surprise!

The screening featured a variety of submissions, including “Mythical Proportions,” a mocumentary that detailed the taboo love of humans and centaurs; ‘Fun With Fire;’ and ‘Magic Love.’

Before the screening, Savage welcomed the diverse audience of approximately 100 people.

“Have fun!..You are going to see things at HUMP! that if you were home alone in front of your computer masturbating watching Xtube, you would not click on…You are allowed to laugh, scream, clap, cry, put your head in your hands and sob.”

“Every year when we have the call for submissions to the filmmakers, we ask them if they so choose to include a prop in their films as a way of winking at the audience…a way of letting the HUMP! audience know they made the film just for them, just for HUMP!, so we have multiple extra credit props. Butt plugs, bowling pins, duct tape, packing peanuts, and Hillary Rodham Clinton. This year’s extra credit item for 2014 HUMP! is Joe Biden…Let’s see if anyone can actually get him in their films.”

HUMP! DC wrapped Saturday after its 10pm showing. Next up, Long Beach, April 12.

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