Dan Rather: Moonves Will Play Defense for Couric

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the pool. The latest installment of the Dan RatherLes Moonves contretemps is chronicled in Page Six today with the former CBS News anchor weighing in on the “Thriller” morale boosting dance:

“‘To say I’m surprised would be understated,’ the former anchor told Fox News Channel’s ‘Your World.’ ‘But if they think it will help them, God bless them.’ Rather said Couric, despite third-place ratings, is safe as long as CBS chief Les Moonves is boss: ‘Katie Couric was his hire and you can bet that he will play defense as hard as he possibly can.'”

Rather accused his former network of dumbing down the news and “tarting it up” on MSNBC’s Morning Joe on June 11. One day later, Moonves strategically responded at the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University, charging Rather with making remarks that were “sexist.” Rather next appeared on Fox’s Your World, attacking the news credentials of Moonves. The ex-anchor followed up with TVNewser, again attacking the leadership at CBS (read: Moonves). Since then, things have been relatively quiet between the two. Does today’s shot-across-the-bow signal the end of the summer detente?

(Image via clipart)