A Gronk-Sized Super Bowl Goof

Dan Patrick has a brain freeze, right after the Seahawks offensive coordinator

It’s a tough place for a reporter to have a brain freeze: the Super Bowl victory celebration podium, with most of the 100-million-plus TV audience still watching. But this morning on The Dan Patrick Show, the host playfully owned it.

When Patrick on the NBC post-game show interviewed Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski, he asked two questions framed by the idea that the second time around must be just as sweet. “Did you forget what that feeling was like?” asked Patrick. “Uh… I never had this feeling before…” replied the tight end.

As the Danettes and Dan noted on this morning’s radio show, at the time of the Patriots’ last Super Bowl victory, Gronkowski was attending high school. The colors of Williamsville North High School in the Buffalo suburbs (green and gold) were in fact selected in honor of the Green Bay Packers’ January 1968 Super Bowl victory.

That’s as close to the big game as Gronkowski was back in February 2005.