Dan Klores Lands Three Awareness Film Accounts

(Behind the scenes of We Shall Remain)

Dan Klores Communications (DKC) signed three film accounts with a public affairs component, one fact-based feature, one HBO documentary, and a five-part PBS series. DKC will be working an awareness campaign for each, with screenings, discussions and publicity for the history and policy issues surrounding each film.

Though DKC’s client list is peppered with entertainment work, these films are more issue-oriented and less corporate–along the lines of the work the firm did for Ken Burns and his War series.

Klores is a skilled filmmaker in his own right, with “Crazy Love” and “Black Magic” among his recent documentary writer/producer credits.

The three projects are after the jump:

Beginning in April 2009, PBS American Experience will air We Shall Remain, a five-part documentary series produced by WGBH in Boston in association with Native American Public Telecommunications (NAPT).

The series establishes Native history as an essential part of American history. Beyond the broadcast, WGBH has created a massive nationwide community outreach campaign involving hundreds of institutions, including PBS stations, museums, libraries, universities and tribal organizations, and a short film workshop for Native Americans called ReelNative. DKC is managing all aspects of the public relations campaign, including organizing screenings and public discussions of Native American issues in key markets.

Death on a Factory Farm is an HBO documentary produced by Tom Simon and Sarah Teale that follows the investigation of an industrialized pig farm in Ohio where alleged acts of animal cruelty are taking place. DKC is managing all aspects of the public relations campaign, including a public affairs campaign to raise awareness of legislative issues pertaining to the treatment of animals on commercial farms. The documentary will air on March 16th on HBO.

American Violet a dramatic feature film based on the true-life story of an African-American woman in a small Texas town who is swept up in a drug raid and falsely accused of selling drugs. With the help of the ACLU, she proves her innocence and sues the county and prosecutor for unfairly targeting African-Americans in the arrests. DKC is managing the public affairs component of the publicity campaign aimed at raising awareness of civil rights violations and racial bias in the war on drugs.