Dan Brown Thriller “The Lost Symbol” is an eBook Hit on the Kindle & shortcovers

Tech observers like me have wondered for years when ebooks would finally take off. The answer might be: Starting now.

The Kindle Nation daily blog interpreted Amazon’s bestsellers information as…

Kindle edition of The Lost Symbol outselling Amazon hardcovers!

The evidence presented looks reasonably convincing. But ebook vendor shortcovers have, obviously, direct access to their sales data and concluded that…

Dan Brown is the New King of eBooks

Here’s some of their highlighted findings:

– Yesterday’s release of Dan Brown’s latest thriller “The Lost Symbol” broke the previous biggest sales day. shortcovers estimates sales were nearly twice as much as the previous best day. And, they sold three times as many books compared to the same day last week

– “The Lost Symbol” sold more units on its first day than their number one category, the Twilight series, did during the past 1.8 months (odd period to note, I know)

– Mobile purchase by platform were: 37% iPhone, 31% Palm Pre, 29% Blackberry, 3% Android. I was quite surprised by the strong Palm Pre showing

On a personal note, I bought “The Lost Symbol” as an audio book from Audible.com (owned by Amazon) and am enjoying the novel tremendously so far.