Dan Aykroyd Loses It On Aussie TV Because He Can’t Talk Up His Vodka

Did he know what he could talk about before he got in front of the cameras?

Dan Ackroyd is in the spirits business, co-owner of a vodka brand called Crystal Head. At the moment, he’s out and about promoting the brand, and hoped to do so when he paid a visit to the Australian talk show The Observer Effect.

Instead, he ended up completely losing it, leaving the interview, and dropping F bombs outside the studio like he had a little too much Crystal Head before he showed up. He felt he wasn’t being given the chance to properly talk up the vodka brand and he really wasn’t having it.

According to reports, Aykroyd was fine when he was talking about his childhood and early career. but when it came time to talk about Crystal Head, the host Ellen Fanning wasn’t giving him the chance to talk about the brand to his satisfaction. At that point, he took off his sunglasses, started naming all of the brand’s products, and left. Outside, he was reportedly heard calling Fanning a “f**king hosebag.” Merp.

Producers for the show asked the executive producer and Fanning to issue an apology to Aykroyd, which they refused. A spokesperson from SBS, the production company behind The Observer Effect, said the comedian “was welcome to mention his vodka… but advertorials are not part of the show’s format.”

So clearly there was some sort of misunderstanding about what was considered acceptable Crystal Head talk.

Web Pro News has a clip of Aykroyd not just talking up, but drinking up some of the vodka with Larry King. In that interview, he gushes about how high quality the vodka is, the awards it’s won (from Russians, no less!), the way it’s produced, and how great it tastes. A little over-the-top, but if you’re the owner of the company like Aykroyd is, it hits all the right notes and does exactly what the appearance is supposed to do. He even got to talk about the bottle for Pete’s sake.

He also mixed up cocktails with Jimmy Fallon over the summer. But notice there was a lot less talk about the brand specifically. And Aykroyd didn’t stomp off in a huff.

Fanning, on the other hand, didn’t think a Larry King-level discussion was appropriate for her show. The question is whether Aykroyd realized that his interview with Larry King wasn’t the usual talk show experience. In normal circumstances, you’re not going to be allowed to go on like… well, like an advertorial.

It makes me wonder whether he thought he’d be able to talk about the vodka at length this go round and got angry when he found out — on the air — that that’s not the way things were going to go. It also raises the question of what was discussed prior to the interview. It’s possible the conversation about what would transpire during the conversation didn’t get specific enough. What’s considered promo time for one side of the equation might not be enough for the other. And if Aykroyd went all the way to Australia to sell vodka, he wanted to get as much out of the trip as he possibly could.

[h/t Huffington Post]