Damien Hirst Gives Away Album Cover Painting

So Damien Hirst has been everywhere lately, hasn’t he? To Kiev, designing skateboards, suing kids, opening new shops, and all places in between. Now, after art directing a weird music video for them last year, Hirst has teamed back up with the band The Hours in a promotion with the Guardian, asking people to submit an entry with a chance to win the painting he created for the band’s latest album cover (valued at £125,000, which isn’t too shabby at all, even with a lousy art market at the moment). Unfortunately, it’s only open to residents in the UK, but maybe you have some non-art savvy friend or relative over there who you can get to register for you. Just make sure they don’t see the aforementioned value and tell them “Aw, it’s just some nobody artist I learned about.” Then laugh all the way to the bank once you win, because what are they going to do, fly over here to punch you? Doesn’t seem likely.