DAMEmagazine.com Profiles Hollywood’s Top Celebrity Divorce Lawyer

There’s a brand new online women’s magazine in the Internet mix. It’s called DAME, was founded by publishing vet Jennifer Reitman, is aimed at the female over-30 crowd and counts as editor-in-chief Sanjiv Bhattacharya, former features editor for GQ UK.

Bhattacharya helps get it going with a snappy profile of Laura Wasser, the Century City denizen generally referred to as “Hollywood’s top celebrity divorce lawyer.” The label definitely fits:

Right now, Wasser has 35 active cases, allegedly including Laura Dern, Heidi Klum, Dennis Quaid and 80s saxophonist Kenny G (though Wasser herself won’t reveal any names). She even looks like a celebrity – the kind of lawyer that all those hot TV lawyers are based on. She’s smart, fast-talking, expensive (at up to $800 an hour) and in the words of the drooling producers at TMZ, “superfine.”

Divorce and celebrity are all Wasser have ever known. Her father started the firm where she’s partner, so she grew up around stories of Hollywood break-ups. (The character Arnie Becker in LA Law was based on her dad.)

The piece about (the, yes, divorced) Wasser is a perfect example of the approach its author heralded in a recent DAME press release. “Women have always been interested in more than ‘women’s interests,’” Bhattacharya said. “That’s why they like men’s magazines, because the scope is broader, they’re often more unleashed. DAME brings some of the men’s magazine flavor to a female audience. We’re going to have some fun.”

A rep tells FishbowlLA the publication will be opening a New York office soon to go along with ones currently in LA and Chicago. To read the full Wasser Q&A, in which she also talks about her upcoming 2013 book and no plans for a reality TV show, click here.