Dallas Enters Contention for ‘Fancy New Architecture City’ With Addition of Thom Mayne


Well maybe we spoke too soon about Denver and the whole of Arkansas. It was announced yesterday that big shot Thom Mayne has just been given the commission to design a new Museum of Nature & Science in Dallas, right alongside buildings by the likes of I.M. Pei, Sir Norman Foster, Renzo Piano and Rem Koolhaas. Well, according to the Dallas Morning News, they’ll have him as long as they can raise some more cash. The plan for his building is $155 million and they’ve only got $45 million under their mattress at the moment. But supposing it all works out okay, it’ll be the fifth building by a Pritzker Prize winner in the same block. Say what you will about the tanking economy; if you’re in the business of building (assuming you’ve developed a gigantic name for yourself or you’re a major city who has donors who don’t enjoy things like the poor or public schools or health care), things are looking mighty peachy.