DailyPerfect Examines Your Facebook Account To Find The Most Relevant News

Want to get the most relevant news to you based on your network and not based on what some editor thought would be most interesting to you? DailyPerfect is a new site which crawls through your feed and picks out the most relevant news categories that it thinks you’d like to follow. It’s a pretty interesting model and so far it has been relatively effective at picking out the most relevant articles for me. The top articles for me have been related to Facebook and blogging which is pretty spot on.

The aggregated news content space is still evolving. While sites like this, Google News, and others, attempt to let you customize your content on a topic by topic basis, other sites have found that an editorial controlled model is more effective. Techmeme for example uses a mixture of automation, community suggestions, and editorial oversight to determine what information makes it on to the daily technology news aggregator’s site. Socially relevant content is an extremely interesting model though.

I’ve long argued that Facebook has the potential to develop network-based news aggregators and with the opening of the feed, developers now have the opportunity to do the same thing. In a world of content overload, we are constantly searching for a more effective method of filtering out the noise and finding the most interesting information. Even search engines battle with this issue. Should an article gain more weighting because it’s timely?

I think so but ultimately every search is different and sometimes we aren’t looking for the most recent information while other times we are. This is why giving things a human touch is important in the news business, even if you happen to be aggregating the news, not writing it. DailyPerfect is a great attempt at automating the process and my guess is that we’ll see many more news aggregators that user our profile data to determine what’s most relevant.

If you are looking for interesting content, I highly suggest checking out DailyPerfect to see what sort of news it digs up for you.