DailyFill.com Launches Today, Hopes To Fill The Snarky Celebrity Gossip Void

Snark is cheap, dear readers. And we would know- you should see our paycheck. It’s also the only rational reaction to stupid celebrity exploits, explaining to popularity of sites such as PerezHilton.com, WWTDD.com, and TheSuperficial.com. And now Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation has launched it’s own celebrity snark site, DailyFill.com, through the company’s less-corporate-sounding internet division Slingshot Labs.

It’s probably best they have Murdoch money behind them. This may not be the best time to be launching another celeb-focused website. Things are rough out there. Celebrity gossip magazines have seen a sharp decline in sales. The zoftig Perez Hilton has been looking a little underfed as of late. And the popular Defamer.com has been folded into Gawker.com as an entertainment column after attempts to sell the site failed. As Gawker’s president Nick Denton explained, “There are so many other blogs covering what we’d cover.”

Yep. Rough out there.

But for all our pessimism, we have to admit we found DailyFill amusing. Some of our favorite headlines:
“Papparazzi Yells At Aniston, ‘Why Can’t You Be Like Angelina?'”
“Megan Fox Wakes Up, Realizes She’s About To Marry Brian Austin Green”
“Sorry I Strangled You, Here’s An iPod”

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