DailyComedy.com Launches With Backing Of Big Guns


Against a backdrop of an increasingly crowded market of humor sites on the Web, DailyComedy.com — a sort of Huffington Post for “professional comics” — has launched with the help of some prominent backers: Web designer Roger Black, ex-ESPN CEO Bill Grimes, ex-AOL editorial director and HeadButler.com founder Jesse Kornbluth and ex-House & Garden exec Jill Rudnick, along with co-founders Charlie Warner and Ray Ellin.

DailyComedy.com is an all-new Internet destination where a select group of professional comics at the top of their game post up-to-the-minute material in text and video, fresh daily. Channeling the electricity of the 21st century online comic movement, DailyComedy.com is the first and only comedy website where material is created specifically for the Internet and users have the chance to become Internet celebrities by creating their own virtual space, a personal “Comedy Stage,” in which they can post their own material. Produced by young, hip comics for people who want to chortle, guffaw, and giggle, DailyComedy.com is a COMEDY REVOLUTION!

The design of the site, despite Black’s presence, is far from revolutionary — it makes Office Pirates look like Frank Gehry — and the posted bits, thus far, are uneven. But it’s early.