DailyCandy Launches In NY, LA, Chicago And San Francisco


All politics — and, evidently, all web business — is local. DailyCandy.com yesterday launched four ”Local Deals” editions in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, and San Francisco. Why, FishbowlNY asked, those four cities? ”The four cities with which we launched represent our
largest local markets; other cities sure to follow soon,” emailed Meredith Howard, the Director of Communications for DailyCandy, Inc. ”Our focus at DailyCandy is and always has been providing timely, fresh discoveries to our subscribers (currently we deliver 2.5m subscriptions) wherever they are, before anyone else. Since the launch of our national DailyCandy Deals weekly edition (summer of 2005), subscribers have been clamoring for deals they can enjoy offline, in their town.”

DailyCandy, which was founded by former New York and Lucky magazine staffer Dany Levy, is eight years old this month. The site, which has passed through both Web 1.0 and its present second incarnation, has been profitable since the fourth quarter of 2001.

(image via stealthatlook)