Daily Webcast from The New York Times?

NewYorkTimesLogo.jpgThe New York Times plans to launch a daily Webcast this spring, to be produced on the fourth floor of the newspaper’s offices and to air around lunchtime on the East Coast, sources told DailyFinance.

The host has yet to be determined, but a Times reporter told DailyFinance:

There’s a feeling that our current person, Jane Bornemeier (a senior editor who produces TV and radio segments for NYTimes.com), isn’t necessarily the best solution. There’s a great deal of tension about what kinds of video, if any, the Times should be producing. I mean, should we be doing TV-style newscast things? Should we be doing reporter talking heads explaining their stories? Will anyone watch that? Should we be doing lengthy, expensive taped pieces that hardly anyone watches? It’s quite a riddle.

A Times spokeswoman told DailyFinance:

We are exploring a variety of ways to build on our success in Web video, but we don’t have anything to announce or discuss now.