Daily Show Producers: Trump Will Not Be Making Guest Appearance

"Him being invited to the last show is factually inaccurate.”

Although it would make for some great television — something the Donald is all about — it doesn’t appear as if an interview with Mr. Trump is in the cards for Jon Stewart‘s last week at The Daily Show.

During an interview last week, Donald Trump told The Hill, “They have invited me — I like Jon Stewart — I think he’s good. They’re begging me to go on.” Despite Trump’s insistence that the show was “begging” him to go on, executive producers Jen Flanz and Tim Greenberg have denied his version of the story.

“Him being invited to the last show is factually inaccurate,” Flanz told Entertainment Weekly in an interview. Asked directly whether the possibility of Trump appearing on one of the final episodes still existed, Flanz responded, “I can tell you that Donald Trump is not coming on the show. I confidentially feel like it’s okay for us to say that.”

But have no fear, Flanz and Greenberg assured viewers that — in terms of specials guests — you have nothing to worry about.

“I would say if there are people you think you want to see say goodbye to Jon, they might be coming… We don’t want to give anything away, but it’ll be exciting!” said Flanz.

“If you’re a fan of the show, you’ll probably be a fan of the last episode,” concluded Greenberg.