Daily News Exploring Possibility of a Sale

Billionaire Mort Zuckerman has enlisted Lazard to gauge potential interest.

The Financial Times article byline shows four names, reflecting just how big a media story this is. The New York Daily News, which has recently been refashioning itself in the mode of a MailOnline, Web-driven type enterprise, has gingerly approached the auction block.

Mort Zuckerman, owner since 1993, has hired the firm of Lazard to gauge potential interest. From the FT item by Henny Sender, James Fontanella-Khan, global media editor Matthew Garrahan and Gary Silverman:

One person close to the process said talks were at a preliminary stage and a sale was not guaranteed.

A spokesman for Mr. Zuckerman declined to comment. Lazard did not return a call requesting comment.

The FT crew got hold of the memo sent to Daily News staff by Zuckerman. Click over to the article to read, but essentially, Zuckerman began by explaining that although he had not been in the market, a recent inquiry about interest in selling the paper led him to decide to more formally look into the possibility. Smart.

The paper was founded in 1919 and, per figures quoted by the reporters, is currently the seventh most read print daily in the U.S. Regardless of what Zuckerman decides, based on the Lazard info, it’s kind of fun to start thinking who might be a well-moneyed and logical buyer for the paper.

[Image via: lazard.com]

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