Daily News Has a ‘Secret Web Project’

Kind of embarrassing.

The New York Daily News is trying everything (well, aside from reducing print frequency) in an effort to stop losing roughly $30 million a year. Aside from cutting many veteran staffers, the News has a “secret web project” underway.

According to the New York Post, the News has 30 young staffers working in a Jersey City warehouse “being trained to do lists and aggregate material from other sites.” The staffers are under the watch of deputy digital editor Robert Shields.

This isn’t much of a “project,” but hey, whatever works. Not that it’ll even work. There’s no way this collection of staffers will boost traffic enough to stop the bleeding.

In other sad News news, CEO Bill Holiber held a meeting with 20 of his top editors to try and boost morale. A source told the Post, “Most of them left with the idea that they better start looking for another job.” It has not been an easy past few months for the News.